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Golf Club Blog from Proshop Warehouse: History of Proshop Warehouse

Golf Club Blog from Proshop Warehouse: History of Proshop Warehouse
Tim and Todd’s personal goal is to form lasting relationships with people who love the game of golf. The employees and owners of Proshopwarehouse will strive to meet and exceed expectations ranging from product availability, pricing and an exceptional level of service.

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The Computer Rental Company that Pays you Back

Frequent Rental Points Program From

Cincinnati, OH, September 19, 2006 –(RENTACOMPUTER.COM)– pays you back on all future rental reservations you place with a Tech Travel Agent.

Each order you place earns FRP points.

And just like Delta Sky Miles or BP Gas cards, FRP points can be redeemed on future rentals. • Points accumulate on every computer rental, notebook rental, plasma rental, copier rental, projector rental, any technology rental.

• See any rental quote for the total number of points awarded for each rental. Look for the FRP Box near the bottom of the quotation under the pickup date.
• Each Point is equivalent to one US Dollar and can be redeemed on any future rentals. (Sorry, FRP points can not be redeemed for cash).
• Tech Travel Agents keep track of your FRP Points and send periodic statements with your FRP Point Totals.
• Login at any time to see your FRP Point Total!

Complete a fast survey to enroll and earn 10 FRP points right off the bat. Just go here for your survey:
Signup for FRP Points Program

A Step Back in Time with Tyre, Bailey, Roberts and Associates

Tyre, Bailey, Roberts and Associates

The fourth, fifth and sixth grade children at Children’s Meeting House Montessori School in Loveland have the rare opportunity to take a step back in “time” thanks to Tyre, Bailey, Roberts and Associates, an estate buying group that has supplied the school with antique time pieces for the children to disassemble, investigate and reassemble.

Tyre, Bailey, Roberts and Associates is based in Cincinnati and travels around the country buying jewelry, watches and coins from the public. The Company has also made a substantial cash donation to Children’s Meeting House to fund programs which encourage young collectors to rediscover the hidden treasures found inside works of art like these time pieces.

Todd Tyra, president of Tyre, Bailey, Roberts and Associates states “watch making is a lost art and it is a worthwhile endeavor to encourage young people to step back and discover the unique hand-made craftsmanship that each piece of art offers”.

The children have linked this opportunity to their history curriculum. Children’s Meeting House Montessori School offers children a hands on approach to learning and offers concrete experiences to abstract concepts, making the opportunity of taking a step back in “time” a reality.

Written by
Karen Kissell
CMH Director

Remembering 911

I was almost in my parking spot when the news flashed on the radio, an airplane has struck the world trade center. That was all the information there was. It was the most upsetting story I have ever heard, and that was before the 2nd and 3rd planes struck their targets.

The up coming weeks were disastrous to our country and many businesses, including mine.

Nearly everyone remembers where they were when they heard the news of the terrorist attacks.

It’s a new world. Let’s remember, honor and learn from this.

God Bless Us All Blog: Temporary Offices need Temporary Computers (Computer Rental) Blog: Temporary Offices need Temporary Computers (Computer Rental)by John Beagle

If you are planning on opening a temporary office, contact a Tech Travel agent to make all the arrangements for computer rentals, laptop rentals, copier rentals, even complete network rentals, installed.