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Tiger Woods Drives on LA Airport (Golf Clubs)

Tiger Woods was on an airport runway in Los Angeles (Hawthorne Municipal Airport) on Tuesday hitting his new Niki Driver over 500 yards down the tarmac (the asphalt helped his drives).

The drivers – the SasQuatch Sumo Squared and the SasQuatch Sumo – feature a unique shape (square) and will be hitting the market in early 2007.

Tigers take on the driver:
“I’ve tested it, but I haven’t quite found the launching conditions that work for me yet,” Woods said. “The runway really helped my distance.”

Woods 2006 year includes wins in both the British Open and the PGA Championship.

Source: Google News

Deer Hunting Trip: Gatorade Beer and Deer Cooler

Deer Hunting Trip 06 098
Originally uploaded by John Beagle.

Gatorade now makes a cooler that not only keeps your beer cold, it keeps your deer cold too!

Photo: Uncle Gary and his side kick, Johnny!

Actually this is what you do when someone has your pickup truck and you need to transport a deer. Yes, that’s a Lexus we are putting that deer in! Sweet smelling too!

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Golf Club Grip and Swing Advice

Photo: Greg Anderson, former PGA Golf Pro and Las Vegas Motivational Golf Tour Speaker

Practice is the key to improving your golf shots. Here’s look at some areas of your swing and grip.

Grip and Thumb Location
Maintaining a correct grip on the club during the back swing is vital. It’s not just the initial grip on the club that’s important; keeping your thumb pointing towards the sky at the half way mark of the swing both on the back swing and the front swing is essential. As the club comes back at the midway point of the swing, the thumb, which initially points towards the ground, should be pointing towards the sky before you come down and follow through with the swing.

Get the Rhythm Right
Do not rush when playing your shot. Improving your golf swing is all about timing and movement of the swing. Anyone can hit the ball with power by swinging hard and fast. Getting the rhythm right takes practice. An effective method to maintain good rhythm is to pause slightly at the end of the upswing motion before completing the downswing motion. Many golfers will actually do a short count in their minds for no more than a second. This method has the effect of improving rhythm and reduces the urge to swing to quickly.

Keep in Balance
Have you ever felt off balance when going through with the swing motion? For right hand golfers, the left knee leans towards the right, the shoulders seem to be out of alignment and the hip sways in an unnatural fashion. What do you do to correct it? One method is to place a large ball in between the knees during my back swing practice. It looks odd but it works, try it!

Today’s Golf Clubs are Wonderfully Engineered

The engineering that goes into producing a club, whether an iron, fairway wood or a driver, is awsome. Let the club do what it was designed for is most important. All you need to do is provide the club with the correct swing plane and the wonderfully engineered golf club will do the rest.

In Summary
Improving your golf swing is about practicing the correct technique. Pratice until you develop ‘muscle memory’ so it becomes simple instinct every time you step out to the tee. Now, go hit a bucket of balls. Introduces Reward Program (Computer Rental)

Press Release Introduces Reward Program

11/2/2006 Cincinnati, Oh – introduces a new reward program for frequent rental customers called the Frequent Reward Points program, or FRP.

You earn points on every rental order placed with a Tech Travel Agent. FRPs can be used on future rentals and service from both and Computer Service Now.


Tech Travel Agents from Rentacomputer pay you back every time you rent technology. Use FRPs to save money on future rental reservations or computer service booked by a Tech
Travel Agent.

Each order you place earns FRPs. And just like Delta Sky Miles or BP Gas cards, FRPs can be
redeemed on future rentals and service from and Computer Service Now.
Relax, Let a Tech Travel Agent Take Care of it!

• Points accumulate on every computer rental, notebook rental,
plasma rental, copier rental, projector rental, any
technology rental.

• See any rental quote for the total number of points
awarded for each rental. Look for the FRP Box near the
bottom of the quotation under the pickup date.

• Each Point is worth $1 in discounts toward future rentals.
(Sorry, FRP points can not be redeemed for cash).

• Tech Travel Agents keep track of your FRP Points and send
monthly email statements with your FRP Totals.

Complete a fast survey to enroll and earn 2 FRP Reward points right off the bat!

Sign Up Now and receive 2 FRP Reward points!

*Disclaimers regarding the FRP Program:
1. FRPs are only earned on the cost of rentals.
2. FRPs are not earned on delivery, labor, or taxes. FRPs are not transferable.
3. FRPs may not be redeemed for cash.
4. FRPs can be applied towards rentals and service only.
5. Customer is responsible for any applicable taxes, if any.
6. FRPs expire 18 months after being earned.
7. Expired FRPs can no longer be used towards any service or purchase.
8. FRPs may not be used in conjunction with other discounts or promotions.
9. FRPs are earned on the first survey filled out and cannot be earned again.
10. No purchase necessary.

About Computer Service Now:

Computer Service Now is a nationwide Computer Service Company that utilizes the services of Tech Travel Agents. Services include: Computer Networking, Digital Video Camera
Security, Cabling, Corporate Technology Oriented Projects, Computer Programming, Computer repairs and more. For more information see website: or contact your Tech Travel Agent.

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Rentals help with Classroom Computer Training

Save Time and Money with Training Computer, Projector and Sound System Equipment Rentals.

Tech Travel Agents are a big help to computer trainers. With one phone call, email or visit to a classroom equipment rental order page you can have a setup from a single computer rental to hundreds computer rentals.

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Your Tech Travel Agent coordinates everything technical so you can concentrate on the execution of your computer training program.

Delivery, Setup and Service before, during and after your computer training sessions:Tech Travel Agents do it all!

Unexpected increase in Class Size?No problem.
With a Tech Travel Agent all it takes is a phone call or e-mail to schedule deliver of any additional computer rental equipment you need, immediately.

Train Larger Classes to Lower Costs
With one instructor a high lumen projector and 10-50 computers, your total cost of training will be much lower than smaller sessions. Providing multiple training sessions with the pre-configured training computers will improve training efficiencies and improve the cost dynamics of the total training program.

Multiple cities, One Point of Contact, One Invoice
Tech Travel Agents will coordinate multiple installations. All equipment will be preconfigured with any company training programs and data BEFORE it is delivered and installed. Multiple computer training sessions can be coordinated in multiple cities, even on the same day. Your personal Tech Travel Agent will coordinate all cities! Only one contact person is necessary to take care of all your computer training equipment needs.

Largest Service Area of Classroom Computer Training In North America
Tech Travel Agents schedule complete classroom training equipment installs anywhere in the United States, most of Canada and many parts of Europe!

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Domestic Terrorism hits eBay payment processor, PayPal.

A Bomb Exploded at PayPal Headquarters in San Jose, California last night. San Jose is also the headquarters for Google.

Some 26 employees were working inside the building at 7:30 PM Tuesday night, the time of the explosion.

No one was reported as hurt or killed.

Employees urged to check their email for messages from company. Damage was minimal and eBay operations were not interrupted. Employees of the PayPal campus were asked to call an 800 number on their badges before coming into work this morning.

PayPal is a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay.

Source: Google News