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How Much for a Computer Rental? (Updated)

An even more updated post can be found here:

6 Factors that determine the Computer Rental Price

Computer Rental Pricing Information

Q: How much does it cost to rent a computer?
A: It depends on quantity, time, space, spec and supply.

Computer rental prices vary based on quantity, how long you need the equipment, where the equipment will be located, product specification and availability. The term ‘computer’ includes desktop, laptop, and mobile devices such as tablets and iPads.

Click here for a Computer Rental Quote

Generally there is a lower price per computer rental unit on orders of 10 units or more. Additionally, rates break even lower with quantities over 100.

Length of Time – Daily, Weekly and Monthly Rates

Computer rental rates are based on daily, weekly and monthly rates. Industry professionals called ‘Tech Travel Agents‘ report that typical computer rental rates start at $79 per week* in most markets in the United States and Canada.

*Note: Based on 10 or more units and prices can vary 10% to 25%. Monthly rental rates averaged $129, but vary greatly based upon specification, availability and delivery location. (Source: 2012 Tech Army Supplier Data from over 100 independent suppliers)

Delivery Location
Office Building or Convention Center

Convention center deliveries are generally more expensive than delivering to a business address. Often business addresses have close-in parking and easy access to the delivery / installation room. A convention center complex requires a concerted effort from both the rental company and the company receiving the equipment at the convention center. Often convention center deliveries are more time consuming and costly to deliver, install and pickup at the end of the rental.


Typically a computer rental consists of an Intel Computer running the latest version of Windows. Higher computer specifications cost more to rent. For example: if you require advanced graphic cards, more ram, a different operating system or software installed, computer rental rates will increase.

Also Apple Macintosh Computers typically rent for more than Microsoft Windows-based computers. Click here for Apple Mac rental info.

Availability (Supply)

Rental Equipment is a Commodity – Supply and demand issues come into play in the computer rental business too. Supply can be affected by the number of suppliers and total computer rental units (known as a rental pool) in a given market area.

Having a Tech Travel Agent book your technology rental needs means you will always get the equipment you need. You are not dependent on one single equipment vendor. Tech Travel Agents obtain equipment via large technology pools from multiple sources across the US, Canada and Europe.

About Tech Travel Agents: Tech Travel Agents from coordinate both computer rentals and audio visual installations for corporate events worldwide. For the best pricing, reserve your computer equipment for your next corporate event or project early by contacting a Tech Travel Agent at 800-736-8772 or via email:

Is the US More Dangerous than IRAQ?

Over 61 thousand people have been murdered in the US since “Operation Iraqi Freedom” began.

You think its dangerous to be a US Soldier in Iraq? Consider this, the average number of US citizens murdered per year from 2002 to 2005 was 16149.25. Source:

The United States Crime Index Rates Per 100,000 Inhabitants went from 1,887.2 in 1960 to 5,897.8 in 1991. By 1991 the crime rate was 313% the 1960 crime rate. In 1996 your risk of being a victim of a crime in the United States was 5.079%, and of a violent crime 0.634%.

Many murder victims were gang related. There are violent gangs in every major city in the US and innocent people are getting killed. Children are being shot while playing in their neighborhoods.

Now lets look at Iraq. Iraq has many war zone neigborhoods. But the death of American troops in IRAQ is less than 1000 per year. That’s just 6% of the murder rate in our us war zone neigborhoods. That means overall the US is more dangerous to American sons and daughters than IRAQ.

Funny how over the same time period (March 2003 to January 2007)* the murder of an estimated 61,905 American citizens gets overlooked, yet we see a regular news media ‘death count’ of our brave men and women we call to defend our nation. God Bless those 3000 troops and their families!

Domestic War Plan
Where’s the plan to defend our children at home in our neighborhood war zones? Where is the plan against gang violence and murder in the US? (headscratch)

*Source: March 19, 2003—Cruise-missile and bomb salvos hit Baghdad an hour after the deadline passes. Operation Iraqi Freedom begins.

Tiger Woods Tackling Video

Tiger Woods was harassed by a paid actor. Supposedly, Tiger was not in on the prank.

Tiger is on the Golf Tee with his driver, on the driving range. The actor sneaks up behind Tiger and spills the pyramid of practice balls all over the tee! Then he picks up Tigers golf clubs and starts running with them in his arms. Tiger sees this and takes to foot.

We see from this video, that Tiger woods has football skills too! He catches this guy and tackles him to the ground! He ends up rolling around on the ground, laughing with the actor. (Funny scale 2) 1 is best.

Here is the link to the Tiger Woods Tackling Video

Invitation to Post on the Tech Army Forums

Today, the Tech-Army announced the opening of a new discussion place for computer industry experts and novices alike.

Its called the Tech Army Forums
and its located here:

Are you known as the computer expert among your friends and coworkers? Or worse yet, to they call you a geek? Do you attend geek conferences? If so, you might be what we need over at the Tech Army Forums.

The Tech Army Forums is the place to discuss Microsoft Vista, Router Protocols, Spam, Web programming code, all sorts of computer technology tips and information.

Calling all computer experts who want to work in the computer industry, there’s a new opportunity in tech land and its not the Geek Squad! Its the Tech Army!

We need technology experts to share their experiences with us regarding products and services for the future and past. If you are a technology expert or you work for a technology company, please consider joining the Tech-Army Organization and posting on the Tech Army Forums.

The Tech Army Vision for Tech Army Forums
It’s a world where we connect users and technicians to help the advancement of our technological society. (Well, that’s what its supposed to be and we hope it will be).

Tech Army Thanks the Men and Women in Uniform
The Tech Army Organization would like to thank those men and women in uniform who help keep us safe from warring terrorists. The Tech Army Organization welcomes engineers, technicians, and other technology experts who also support our right to defend, protect and keep prosper.

Together we, the Tech Army, will combat bad service in the computer industry. And win the technology war with information.

Managing Paper In a Paperless Office (Part 1)


This is the first part in a multi part series on going paperless in your SMB business.

First obstacle in creating a paperless office is managing all the paper that comes in the office, whether it be vial mail man, Federal Express, UPS or a document generated or received from an employee it needs to be catagorized.

Hard Copy Papers fall into 2 classifications:

1. Important Documents to the overall company.
2. Everything else

All important documents must be scanned, filed and stored in the monthly important docs storage box or shredded immediately.

What is an important doc?
1. Any invoice
2. Signed contracts
3. Legal Documents from any Government Body including State, Fed, Local and County as well as OSHA, IRS, etc.
4. Tax Documents and Notices
5. Notices from Vendors – such as change of address, terms of service, etc
6. Legal Notices

What is everything else?
1. The papers on your desk that help keep you organized
2. Lottery tickets
3. Internal communications
4. Letters from friends
5. Junk Mail
6. Personal paper

So look at your employee desks. Are there any important documents that should be scanned, filed, stored or destroyed? Or are all papers classification 2?