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How Much for a Computer Rental? (Updated)

An even more updated post can be found here:

6 Factors that determine the Computer Rental Price

Computer Rental Pricing Information

Q: How much does it cost to rent a computer?
A: It depends on quantity, time, space, spec and supply.

Computer rental prices vary based on quantity, how long you need the equipment, where the equipment will be located, product specification and availability. The term ‘computer’ includes desktop, laptop, and mobile devices such as tablets and iPads.

Click here for a Computer Rental Quote

Generally there is a lower price per computer rental unit on orders of 10 units or more. Additionally, rates break even lower with quantities over 100.

Length of Time – Daily, Weekly and Monthly Rates

Computer rental rates are based on daily, weekly and monthly rates. Industry professionals called ‘Tech Travel Agents‘ report that typical computer rental rates start at $79 per week* in most markets in the United States and Canada.

*Note: Based on 10 or more units and prices can vary 10% to 25%. Monthly rental rates averaged $129, but vary greatly based upon specification, availability and delivery location. (Source: 2012 Tech Army Supplier Data from over 100 independent suppliers)

Delivery Location
Office Building or Convention Center

Convention center deliveries are generally more expensive than delivering to a business address. Often business addresses have close-in parking and easy access to the delivery / installation room. A convention center complex requires a concerted effort from both the rental company and the company receiving the equipment at the convention center. Often convention center deliveries are more time consuming and costly to deliver, install and pickup at the end of the rental.


Typically a computer rental consists of an Intel Computer running the latest version of Windows. Higher computer specifications cost more to rent. For example: if you require advanced graphic cards, more ram, a different operating system or software installed, computer rental rates will increase.

Also Apple Macintosh Computers typically rent for more than Microsoft Windows-based computers. Click here for Apple Mac rental info.

Availability (Supply)

Rental Equipment is a Commodity – Supply and demand issues come into play in the computer rental business too. Supply can be affected by the number of suppliers and total computer rental units (known as a rental pool) in a given market area.

Having a Tech Travel Agent book your technology rental needs means you will always get the equipment you need. You are not dependent on one single equipment vendor. Tech Travel Agents obtain equipment via large technology pools from multiple sources across the US, Canada and Europe.

About Tech Travel Agents: Tech Travel Agents from coordinate both computer rentals and audio visual installations for corporate events worldwide. For the best pricing, reserve your computer equipment for your next corporate event or project early by contacting a Tech Travel Agent at 800-736-8772 or via email:

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6 Responses to How Much for a Computer Rental? (Updated)

  1. I really like and appreciate your blog.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

  2. Andy says:

    “Also Apple Macintosh Computers typically rent for more than Microsoft Windows-based computers.”

    All these years later and some things never change!

    But Apple sure makes a quality product!

  3. johnbeagle says:

    Apple has always been a premium product with a premium price.

  4. The odd thing is that Apple had so much success with the iPad that it is less expensive to rent those than Android or Windows based tablets.

  5. Darcy Mann says:

    The most common events for large numbers of computers or tablets are training and corporate events. I consult with companies big and small on strategies to provide quality equipment, experienced technical teams all while providing the most cost efficient plan. Contact me to consult on your next event! – Darcy Mann 800-736-8772 ext 242,

  6. We are also seeing a greater demand for iPad and Tablet devices which are along the price points as computers but lesser deliver and labor fees since setup is not required. Contact me to find out more. 800-736-8772 x241

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