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Saint Patrick’s Rock Cashel Roof Missing (Ireland)

The Cashel Roof was still missing when we last visited St. Patrick’s Rock Cashel. (Cashel means fortress in Irish). Nonetheless, it was an awsome site to behold.

I was almost Ran over by a Tank (Flying Screens)

You turn the corner and a tank is coming right at you. But that’s impossible, you’re at a trade show. How can that be? Answer: Its an amazing flying screen and it gets attention alright.

Colored lights can hipnotize and so are flying screens. Flying screens are suspended objects capable of displaying computer images and ever changing multi-colored lights from a variety of angles, heights and directions.

Flying screens are unique shapes that can be projected upon utilizing projectors and spotlights or they can be as simple as a 42″ Plasma Screen hanging from the ceiling or on a floor stand. Flying Screens appear to be just that, flying in your face.

Almost getting run over by a tank made me think about how important it is to have an active trade show booth. Attention getting images and sounds are your company’s image.

Next time run over compeition with a Flying Screen Tank.

Family Crab Mess

Family Crab Mess, originally uploaded by John Beagle.

What meal makes the biggest mess? Spiced with Old Bay seasoning, the Maryland Blue Crabs are easily the the messiest meal. Maryland Blue crabs are sought worldwide, we enjoy them every year when we go to Bethany Beach, Delaware.

Rodeo Drive Car

Rodeo Drive Car, originally uploaded by John Beagle.

The Lamborghini on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California was so shiny, I could see myself in the photo.

My son, Johnny and I were on a trip to California to check out several of the universities including USC, Pepperdine and Stanford.