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What will become of the George M. Verity Statue?

He moved ARMCO to Middletown, Ohio which is now AK Steel (AKS), in 1901. The community of Middletown convinced George to locate his steel mill in Middletown from its current location near the Ohio River in Cincinnati.

His statue has been left behind after the company moved its headquarters from Middletown to West Chester, Ohio.

What will become of George’s statue? Is it appropriate to move it to West Chester? Should it be moved to the city building or other city owned park or location?

I asked Alan McCoy, AK Steel spokesperson that very question. I will publish his answer when I hear back from Alan.

Hornet Pride – What I like about Monroe, Ohio

WILAM Video “Hornet Pride”

A tongue and cheek video of the place I love to call home, Monroe, Ohio. This video shows ‘we the people of Monroe’. In order to form a more perfect place to live, we engage in a friendly and fun version of “Hornet Pride”

This video takes you to a 2007 Hornet Football pre-game and game. It shows you the fans, the players, the coaches, the volunteers and some VIPs in Monroe. Keep your eyes open, I am sure you will see someone you know if you are from Monroe.

If you are thinking of moving to Monroe, welcome to our hometown.

Just another “WILAM” What I like about Monroe.

NOTE: This video is dedicated to our city manager, Bill Brock, who is featured at the end, when I introduce him as “Billllll.”