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Miami Canal Port Middletown, Ohio

Port Middletown 02, originally uploaded by John Beagle.

On July 18, 1825 work began on the Miami Canal in Middletown. The Miami and Erie Canal was a canal that connected the Ohio River in Cincinnati, Ohio with Lake Erie in Toledo, Ohio.

This photo is part of a tribute to in the canal and its influence on the past successes of Middletown, Ohio.

2007 has been a rebuilding year for Middletown city and schools. With a new mayor, new city manager and new members on city council and Middletown School Boards, lets look to 2008 to be a successful year in the city’ history.

Plasma Video Wall Friends

Video Wall, originally uploaded by John Beagle.

Jim and Raj Jain are the father and son team from ICC.

ICC is one of’s largest trading partners. In this photo, Jim and Raj are standing in front of a 9 panel video wall that is worth over six figures yet rents for less than five.

Video walls are the ultimate in plasma display technology. Each panel is equal to a 42″ plasma flat screen without the bezel.

The most common configuration is with 4 of these panels, but any number of panels can be used in conjunction with one another. Yes you could do an entire wall with these panels.

A special software program resides on a laptop computer so all images appear as one large image.

For more information on renting plasma video walls, please visit’s Plasma Video Wall Rental Information Page