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Making Friends on The Voice of Monroe

I said, “These things are taking up too much room in Josh Van Cleave’s computer shop.”

So I donated 10 to the schools which they have received and 10 to the city (5 for police and 5 for fire), which council has to approve before they can take delivery.

But that still leaves me with a bunch of these left.So I got to thinking. How bout I donate them to every Monroe business, church, student or organization until they are gone. All you have to do is to register on The Voice and request via the printer giveaway link.

So that’s just what I did.
70 Printers Given Away to Voice Posters

So far the count is up to 80 printers and counting.
Updated***Printer Giveaway List
I have to say, it was nice meeting everyone. Oh, and one more thing. I still have a few more printers to give away. But you have be register to The Voice to ask for one.

Top Beagle Uno

Photo: Uno the Beagle

It was the first time in the history of the show that a Beagle won “Best in Show” at the 132nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

The show was at the Madison Square Garden, Tuesday night, February 12, 2008. Uno the beagle is a 15-inch tall champion who beat six highly ranked, highly coifed pooches like a standard and toy poodle, a Sealyham terrier, an akita, a weimaraner and an Australian shepherd.

“Everything he does is correct,” said J. Donald Jones, the 75-year-old judge who bestowed the top prize for purebreds on the beagle. “This is a great dog.”

This kind of make me proud, being a Beagle and all.

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