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Plasma Screen Lifter

Companies wanting to transport 103″ plasma screens can do so with an automated transport and crate removal system. The screen lifter can also spin your screen 360 degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise.

The new system can be used for digital signage and multimedia high res video at your next trade show, conference, convention or corporate event and has multiple uses at the same event because of its portability.

The packaging is what really makes this thing great. When I am in my trade show booth, I do not want a damaged 103″ Plasma Flat Screen staring everyone in the face. Thats why it’s a good idea even at $15k, not including the flat screen.

The Next John Beagle

John Beagle is my son and I am proud of him.

He scored a near perfect in math on the ACT test. He is a cook at the Red Onion Restaurant, working under Chef Gary Heinz, who was the Chef at the Maisonette, a five star restaurant.

Johnny, as we all call him, played Monroe HS soccer for four years and was top scorer in his division. He has recently taken up golf and expects to beat me this summer. I said no way.

Johnny will go to the Ohio State University this fall. He has been accepted into the Honors program where he will figure out what kind of engineering student he wants to be.

The video is from a speech he gave at the Middletown Community Foundation Awards Banquet in May of 2008. Johnny has been a active member of the MCF for 3 years.