Bill Murphy Meeting 059, originally uploaded by John Beagle.

I was surprised the other day when Bill Murphy, the City of Middletown’s Economic Director, called me and asked for an appointment.

Bill said he was on a mission to meet businesses in the city and find out what the city can do for them.

So, when he showed up today, he brought the president of Sawyer Realtors a 70 year old Middletown Company) , John Sawyer.

Also with Bill was Fred Debiasi. Fred sits on the board for the Chamber of Commerce and is the President of America Savings and Loan.

“We have to listen to our existing businesses first. We want to find out if the city can do anything to help. What can the city do for your company?” were the questions being asked.

We had a good brainstorming session. One thing we all agreed to do was to help get the good word out about Middletown, Ohio. To help people find Middletown through positive news. Businesses in Middletown need to share their good economic news, tell the real story of Middletown instead of the one the newspaper tells about car wrecks and social ills. That’s not the real news of Middletown.

Real news is news such as job promotions, new products, locations and visions for the future. Middletown is located in a prime area for growth, midway between Cincinnati and Dayton. Locating your business in Middletown puts your business in the heart of the entire SW Ohio MSA (Cincinnati and Dayton Metropolitan Statistical Area) .

We intend to distribute Middletown, Ohio news through the city’s website and