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Let us proclaim Thursday a Day of Thanksgiving

Mongolian Visitors
Photo: Visitors we are thankful for this year.

This year a Thanksgiving Feast will be celebrated in our home.
As the head of the household, it is tradition for me to say a prayer of thanksgiving.

So here is my prayer :

Dear God,
It’s Thanksgiving Day, so let us give thanks together.

Thank you for the turkey, mash potatoes and gravy we are about to receive.

Thank you for our family and friends
Thank you for our visitors
Thank you for our pets, our homes and the fun we all have together
Thank you for the sun on the beach and greens on the golf courses
Thank you for our health and wealth and our optimism for both
Thank you for our time together

In Jesus’ name we meet.

About Thanksgiving:
Thanksgiving was not always celebrated in our country. For nearly one hundred years, the tradition dwindled. Thanks to Lincoln’s urgings, Thanksgiving got a fixed date to be celebrated in the US.

Both Washington and Lincoln Proclaimed a day of Thanksgiving and acknowledged the Almighty God and helped keep the spirit of Thanksgiving alive. Source:

Washington proclaimed “a DAY OF PUBLIC THANSGIVING and PRAYER, to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness.”

Lincoln called for Americans “to set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next as a day of thanksgiving and praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the heavens.”

50 Twitter Twips from Webmaster World’s Pubcon Vegas 2008

Warren Whitlock
Warren Whitlock was the first person I met at Pubcon.

Below are all the twips I tweeted (notes I took) while at Pubcon last week. The actual tweet stream contains spelling errors plus additional commentary from me. All Pubcon tweeting was done via my cell phone so posts are short due to technological limitations.

There were multiple Pubcon conference tracks available. Tracks included SEO: Organic Search, SEM, Social Brand Networking, Web Hosting, Content, Advertising and others. I mostly attended social networking in Salon C.

It’s interesting what Zappos and Comcast are doing in the Twitter space. I might follow their example with my company too. Certainly I will be watching the efforts to fully benefit from micro-blogging.

My Pubcon Notes
If I heard a tip or good idea, I tweeted it. You can follow me,
JohnBeagle on Twitter.

Here are my PubCon Twitter Twips, in order as they appear:

1. warren wrote Twitter Revolution
2. rand …yahoo buzz helped huffington post get traffic
3. rand… follow new president on twitter
4. rand…user profiles build good page rank you can leverage
5. gray…build trusted profile
6. pubcon social mktg seminar… try everything. see what works
7. gray..nohard selling on social sites but logos are ok
8. reach out to bloggers in the space
9. email neil patel for his slides on the dark side of social media
10. find people in the social media space and hire them
11. also hire interns and telecommuters’ to cut social media costs
12. see what google put in its database with key words and advanced search …select 24 hrs
13. only 100 people can connect laptop at pubcon
14. easytweets is worth taking a look at for commercial social
15. pubcon lunch sucks but cloud computing with amazon dude was cool
16. amazon dude Mike Culver speaks tomorrow at pubcon
17. twitterers use the term …tweet …when posting they don’t twit
18. twitter has passed the one billion tweet milestone
19. zapos has 400 employees on twitter …its in their culture
20. brian carter now up on pubcon stage blog + bookmarketing + twitter = optimization
21. propeller is pretty much useless ..buchard at pubcon
22. add digg vote button on posts so people can vote right away
23. only 6 to 8 stories from un-trusted domains get on hom page of digg ..Buchard
24. facebooks kent schoen speaking at pubcon 120m users
25. ugc user generated content is gold
26. bloggers hate technorati…Jenkins at pubcon
27. stumbleupon is a better social space
28. facebook connect digg …good pubcon tip from Breslin
29. openid is a distributed login tool …on list to try
30. “Twitter” #1 most talked about in Social Thread at #pubcon today
31. dont build a Frakensite -Ulle
32. know thy competitor with Bruce Clay
33. andy beal as james bond ‘spy’ with
34. Bill Atchison ‘noarchive’ entire site
35. optimizing pdf for se by george aspland
36. comments count on video search – greg jarboe
37. spencer suggests multiple rss feeds on blogs such as comment rss
38. andy beal isnt afraid to post his true opinions on his blog
39. no one thinks blogging is going downhill at #pubcon
40. 9 to 10 am est is best time to post a blog -beal
41. lee odden keeps several drafts of posts going at all time
42. blog as often as u can – barry schwartz
43. have at lesat 3 bloggers on a blog – schwartz
44. LIVE search looks better than Yahoo
45. interview with bruce clay on live seach excel integration . its cool but no one will use it .
46. clay: word integration would be better
47. paid links need to be in relevant text. need to be the only paid link on the page
48. buy links directly from website owners – Lessnau
49. sometimes I buy links -fishkin
50. Chris Tolles fom topix advised to do as little moderating as possible