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I’m Stuck in the Middle

Monroe and Middletown Square Off 003

I’m stuck in the middle of Monroe and Middletown. That’s me with the US flag tie and disgusted look on my face, watching our town fight itself, neighboring Middletown and the areas largest employer, AK Steel. I’m stuck because I own a business in Middletown and live in Monroe. I’m damned if I take either side of this argument.

It all started when AK Steel decided it wanted to partner with SunCoke for coke and electricity.
Discussion: SunCoke Plant – Commission Vote March 26, 2008

Since then, things have gone steadily downward. Monroe Council has obtained legal council to fight the building of what AK Steel says is necessary for its survival. Union members who live in Monroe ask why their jobs are being blocked by Council. Residents ask why SunCoke has to build their plant on the boarder with Monroe.

Either Middletown will win and many residents of my hometown will see their quality of life go down or Monroe will win and AK may close down, jobs will be lost.

Today, residents attack the local paper on this Voice Post: Middletown Journal, or is it the AK Journal?

I hope this ends soon. Either way, many people will be unhappy.


Still Renting Computers after 21 years

room camera shot, originally uploaded by Xponex.

People always ask me what I do for a living. When I tell them I rent computers, they usually scratch their head and ask why.

“Why would anyone ever want to rent a computer?,” they ask.

One good example is classroom computer training. Renting is far easier and cheaper than owning for off-site training. This is a wonderful environment to train staff from all over the world.

My company installs computers, networks, projectors and even the IP surveillance cameras in rooms like the one in the photo all over the world, but primarily in the US. 

The computers are preloaded with the client company’s software for training. All computers are networked and have the same specification.

This is just one example, there are many other examples of the cost effective and convenience advantages of renting computer and audio visual technology.

Call me crazy, but since 1987, I have non-stop, been renting computers to businesses in the United States, Canada and now Europe.

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