Dayton Tea Party Protester, originally uploaded by John Beagle.

This grandpa is the last person one would expect to protest. But here he is out protesting at the Dayton Tea Party on West 3rd and Main Streets. He was one of several thousand republicans and democrats who came together to protest against higher taxes.

Thousands of people left work early to participate on the planned national Tea Partly event taking place in nearly 1000 cities in the United States.

Conservatives, who are usually working and have little time for political nonsense, decided that they have had enough taxes and spending by this administration and this congress.

People were fired up as they stood up for themselves against the ignorance of those who want higher taxes and bigger government.

Here is a video of the event: Dayton Teaparty Video

This is the first protest I had ever attended. Everyone I spoke to also said that they have never protested before. The time has come in the first time in history, for conservatives to protest.

This ain’t no Vietnam war protest, but it is a war protest nonetheless. Perhaps this protest will be heard by those who do not know and do not care. Perhaps for once, with facts not fists, we can convince the uninformed that high taxes hurt everyone.

Here are more photos from the event.