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Security Cameras on The Don Shelby Show WCCO

Don Shelby has anchored the WCCO 4 News at 10:00pm since 1985. WCCO is the local Minneapolis affiliate for CBS. He has won all five of the nation’s top journalism awards, many of which he has won multiple times. Yesterday, he interviewed me on his drive-time radio show. I was on at 1:10 PM Minneapolis time on a show that Don describes as a mix of news, issues and audience participation.

How did I get on the Show?
It started with an article by Kevin Giles of the Star Tribune about video advances solving big crimes. Don and his staff decided to look for a camera security expert on the internet. The search went out on Google for security camera experts in the Minneapolis – St. Paul metropolitan Area. After finding my company,, the program director persuaded me to do the show. (We have approximately 15 camera technicians in the Minneapolis – St. Paul metropolitan Area and thousands nationwide).

An Honor to Do the Don Shelby Show
Did you know Don won three national Emmys, the Columbia-duPont Citation, the Scripps-Howard Award for Excellence, two George Foster Peabody Awards (the broadcast equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize) and the Society of Professional Journalist Distinguished Service Award?

I consider it a great honor to work with such an esteemed veteran of local television news and radio. Thank you Don Shelby and WCCO for having me on the show.

Cutts takes control at Smackdown

Dateline Las Vegas, Pubcon 2009 – Matt Cutts, Google Software Engineer speaks while Sean Suchter, GM of Bing, looks on during the Search Engine Smackdown!

Matt was explaining the universality of Google. This was in response to a point raised by Sean.

Formerly VP of Yahoo Search Technology, Sean was interviewed by Microsoft President Steve Ballmer. “I wasn’t sure if Microsoft was going to put the proper resources toward Bing. So I asked Steve, just how dedicated to search is Microsoft? What is your goal. Ballmer replied, 51%.”

We were stunned. For a brief moment you could hear a pin drop in the crowded auditorium. Could Bing gain a competitive advantage over Google? All eyes were on Matt Cutts. Well Matt?

At first Cutts appeared a bit reflective, he started out slowly explaining advancements in search technology, spam busting and overall user search experience. He got to his feet, walked over to the podium and spoke of Google as the greatest search engine of today and tomorrow. Alleluia!

Right now, I have to agree with Matt. But what if?