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Blog Snippits January 2010

I write to a lot of blogs. Here is a summary of my recent work:

Top 3 Reasons why I rate MSFT a Buy
January 26, 2010

Although I am fully invested and won’t be adding shares in MSFT, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy MSFT at this time.

First Look: Garmin Edge Bike GPS
I just purchased a Garmin Edge 500 because it will help me document my bike path explorations as well as keep an very useful log of all my runs, calorie burn etc.

Hispanola Island and Friedman
Milton Friedman would look at the Island of Hispanola and point to it as an example of the relationship of economic freedom and economic success. Friedman would call Island of Hispanola ‘a tale of two countries – Haiti and the Dominican Republic’.

21% More Meetings in 2010
FutureWatch 2010 predicts that U.S. meeting planners will plan 21 percent more meetings in 2010 than they did in 2009 while spending 3.5 percent less per meeting.

Monore Reinstates Membership in The Middletown Based Chamber
Last year, Monroe city council voted to leave the Middletown Based local area Chamber of Commerce which covers Monroe, Middletown and Trenton.

Computer Lab Rentals
“I put this 100 computer lab together in 1 day with one phone call to Darcy Mann, my Tech Travel Agent from” -Employee Training Department Manager, Cindy A. Marketing Company

The New, Gentler, Friendlier Monroe Council of 2010

Bill Triick, Chamber of Commerce President

Photo: Bill Triick, Chamber of Commerce President waits for first Monroe Council  Session for 2010 to begin.

Was it this letter from the Middletown Chamber President about being in favor of a rt 63 extension west or Bill Triick’s editorial supporting Suncoke in direct contradiction of Monroe Council’s position Against SunCoke which prompted a hasty vote last year to ‘kick the chamber out’ of Monroe.

I think it was more about SunCoke than the RT 63 extension as mentioned in this video: Monroe ReJoins the Chamber.

Suncoke is a higly emotional issue on both sides for many in Monroe. There was an all night “Choke Plant” prayer vigil promoted by Chris Snyder, Monroe School Board Member.Monroe Council even voted to have my Monroe Community Website link removed from the city website (along with other links). The Journal also had their links removed, is this why?  On the other side, rally’s were held supporting Suncoke and Monroe Officials Responded.

Despite the noble attempts by Mayor Routson to allow full discussion on the SunCoke issue, at least one member of council did not listen. Council 2009 sent this message: ‘we aren’t listening or talking’. You don’t need to know what we are spending and doing about SunCoke, that is none of your business. To this day, no one really know just how much was spent on the Monroe Lawsuit Against Suncoke. Well, lets just say the last update was September 21, 2009.

Funny how things have changed in a year. This is a new year and a new council.

Gone is Councilman and Vice Mayor Steve Tannreuther and the Tannreuther dynasty in Monroe. Gone is an emboldened council tone.

The voters sent a message to council last fall.  Anna Hale was the top vote getter and Todd Hickman beat  Mayor Routson in total votes. I think the message was heard loud and clear.

As a result of the election, the ladies of Monroe council are more in control. In a surprise move to install one of their own, the women of Monroe council were united against Bob Kelley for Vice Mayor, instead choosing one of their own, Anna Hale. The deciding vote came from new council member Todd Hickman. History was made that day when Anna Hale became Vice Mayor.

Monroe City Council - Mayor Appointed 018
Photo: Newly Elected Council takes the Oath of Office

Its a new year, with new opportunities and problems. I urge Monroe Council to look at the world from all points of view. You represent all the people of Monroe. Your action to re-instate the Chamber of Commerce is a step in the right direction.

Remember the oath you took last week.

*FYI, Monroe Mayor Routson supported the 63 extension, yet others were upset that the extension would upset the traffic flow in Monroe.