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Ghinggis Khaan is on my Wall

People ask me about the Ghinggis Khaan banner on my office wall.

That banner is a gift from Ankhaa and Dembee two little 16 year old boys who stayed in our home while they were performing at Middfest International, an annual festivity celebrating various countries in the world. Ankhaa and Dembee are from Mongolia and their talent was the Horsehead Fiddle.

Bike Travels on My YouTube Channel

Visit “Bike Travels“, my YouTube Channel.

I’ve taken some amazing bike trips such as my trip to Skagway, Alaska where I biked down White Pass Summit!

Our trip started with a two hour train ride on the White Pass – Yukon Route into the Yukon Territory in Canada. We boarded in Skagway and traveled north to a summit elevation of 2865 feet at the White Pass summit.

There we got our bikes and started down on our 15 mile bike trip.

or Visit “Politics“, My YouTube Channel on Monroe Politics

My company has started a YouTube channel.

33 second sketch commercial for, your Tech Travel Agent.