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6 Factors that determine the Computer Rental Price

Since I’m in the computer rental business, people often ask me ‘what does it cost to rent a computer?’ So before you ask, here is my best explanation.

The computer rental industry pool of computer hardware is not infinite. Just as any other good or service, computer rental equipment is subject to supply and demand pressures as well as many other factors that affect

First lets define what the industry defines as a ‘computer’.

The term ‘computer’ includes network servers, desktop, laptop, and mobile devices such as tablets and iPads and smartphones such as the iPhone, Windows Phone and Android Phones.


Below are the major factors that influence the computer rental price.

1. Lead Time
2. Specifications
3. Length of time
4. Quantity needed
5. Delivery location
6. Availability

Computer rental prices vary based on lead time, computer specifications, how long you need the equipment, quantity, where the equipment will be located, and availability. Let’s discuss each of these topics individually.

Lead Time

The price of a rental computer is the lowest when reserving the equipment many months in advance. As your event nears, the supply of equipment drops thus opening the door for a premium rate for the remaining inventory.

For example: You need 100 iPads in April of next year. The cost might be as little as $50 per unit today but as your event nears, the price increases slightly around three months out. At two months out the unit price may rise to $80. And during the month of the event the price could rise to $100 per unit or more.



The price depends upon the number of units rented. For example a laptop might cost $100 if you only rent one, however as 5 units are rented a price break is often possible. Then as the number of units rented continues to increase the price break becomes greater making a $65 per unit price possible for the largest quantity rented.


Length of Time – Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Rates

Computer rental rates are based on daily, weekly monthly and quarterly rates. If we look at the rate per day as a measurement, the longer you rent the lower daily rate you will pay. For example a unit might cost $100 for a one day rental, $50 per day for a 2 day rental, $21 per day for a week rental, $12.50 per day for a two week rental, $7 per day for a 30 day rental and as little as $5 per day for a quarterly rental.


Delivery Location

Office Building, Shipping Dock or Convention Center

A shipping dock is the easiest and least expensive way to have your equipment delivered. Other deliveries include the cost of setup and testing on site. Convention center deliveries are the most expensive because of additional fees, drayage and time required to setup and at the end of the event, pickup. Delivering to a business address is a middle cost. Often business addresses have close-in parking and easy access to the delivery/installation area, that can lower the cost to deliver, install and pickup.  All costs are ballpark figures and can vary based on exact location and equipment load.



Higher computer specifications cost more to rent. For example: if you require advanced graphic cards, more ram, a different operating system or software installed, computer rental prices will be higher.

Also Apple Macintosh Computers typically rent for more than Microsoft Windows-based computers. iPads and tablets generally rent for less per unit than laptops and desktop computers. The example below is based on a single laptop computer before discounts.


Availability (Supply)

Rental Equipment is a Commodity subject to wild price swings.  Supply and demand issues come into play in the computer rental business in a big way. Supply is affected by the number of suppliers and total computer rental units in a given market area at a specific time. During low demand times, supplies rise and costs are the lowest. During peak demand times units can become costly or unavailable in certain quantities.

There are many more factors that influence the cost of a computer rental. Keeping in mind the 6 factors outlined in this post can help you understand the logic in computer rental pricing.

Note: All prices used in this example are hypothetical.

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Computer Lab Rentals
“I put this 100 computer lab together in 1 day with one phone call to Darcy Mann, my Tech Travel Agent from” -Employee Training Department Manager, Cindy A. Marketing Company

Goodbye Julian Sandler, Business Associate and Friend

The computer rental industry lost a good friend last week, Julian Sandler. Julian was founder, president and CEO of SmartSource Computer and Audio Visual Rentals, formerly Rent-A-PC.

Julian was a pioneer in the computer rental industry, starting Rent-A-PC in 1984, the same year IBM introduced the IBM AT. He started one of the computer rental industry’s first companies. I started my company, (Formerly Rent-A-Computer) 3 years later in 1987.

He grew his Rent-A-PC organization by hard work, organic growth and acquisitions. Under his leadership, the company made 16 acquisitions and currently has 22 full-service locations nationwide with more than 250 employees.

I met Julian two times at International Technology Rental Association (ITRA) meetings. Due to his illness, he was unable to attend this year’s meeting.

The last time I met Julian was in San Diego at the Coronado Island Marriot Resort. There I really got to know the wit, wisdom and charm of Julian Sandler.

Dinner Tour of San Diego Harbor

About 50 ITRA conference attendees took a Dinner cruise of the San Diego Harbor. I had the pleasure of sitting down across from Julian for dinner and speaking with him at length. You could tell he was South African, or British by his accent. He had a charming way with words. At evenings end, I was thoroughly impressed by his wit, wisdom and knowledge of the industry.

He was a gentleman who was firm in his ideas, yet diplomatic in his conversations about business, politics, economics and life. He never bragged about his education or success, yet he had much to brag about. Unbelievably, Julian had a Ph.D. degree in experimental nuclear physics! SmartSource is estimated to have done over $55 Million USD in 2008, which would put his company near or at the top of the computer rental industry.

Julian Sandler was a man of charm, optimism and grace.

Goodbye my friend. Your knowledge and wisdom will live with me, the members of the ITRA and the computer rental industry always.

Peace and goodwill be with you, your friends and your family.

International Technology Rental Association Conference

ITRA 016, originally uploaded by John Beagle.

More than 50 people from the United States, Canada and the UK attended this years ITRA conference in Orlando, Florida this year.

The event’s keynote speaker was Corbin Ball, an international technology advisor with 20 years experience running meetings. Corbin asks, “What’s happening with technology and how will it directly affect me? ”

Photo: Corbin Ball, Keynote Speaker

The answer took us down a high tech path of wikis, web 2.0, microblogging, radio frequency ID tags, virtural meetings, conference and trade shows.

Corbin’s talk left most attendees overwhelmed with new ideas and information.

The board put together an excellent conference. ITRA Board

ITRA Board Members are in the photo (Left to Right): Wayne Springer, John Carnahan, Dan Kallen, Steve Shatsoff, Dave Veeder, Tom Hornyak, and Dennis Pugh.

Also vendors from HP, Samsung and others were at the trade show displaying the latest Tablet PCs, high tech printers and Video Walls.

Some of the people in attendance included:

Abcom Computer Rentals – Sonny Goyal
ABS Computer Rentals – Erik and Erika Wainiopaa
AC Technology, Inc. – Kathy Schultz
Atiwa Computing, Inc. – Wayne and DeDe Springer
Atlantix Global Systems – Tanya Adams and Sean Hutcheson
BMS Computer Rentals – Jerry and Chris Thompson
Computer Rentals, Etc. – Cuyler Tremayne, Rhonda Simien, Milko Figueroa
Computer Rental Systems – John Carnahan
Desktop Visual Products, Inc. – Rick Frandsen
DE Systems Ltd. – Dave Dugas
Hartford Computer Rental Co. – Dan Kallen
Hire Intelligence International Ltd. – Chris Hutber
Mac Rentals – Larry Langbort
MCR Integrated Technologies – Steve and Dena Mangum
MCR Rental Solutions – Dennis Pugh and Jack Brown
Meeting Tomorrow Audio Visual – Bill Powers
Computer Rent – Dave Wood
Micro Rental Service – Tom and Carol Hornyak
MicroStar – Doug Turner
PC Consultants of SW Michigan – Dick and Juanita Kohfeldt – John and Susan Beagle, Darcy and John Mann
Rentfusion – Amit Parekh, Rhonwyn Godwin, Radha Singh
SmartSource – Steve Shatsoff, Julian Sandler, Niraj Jain, Robert and Jennifer Kastner
Rentsys – Laura Polasek and Chad Frank
Rush Computer Rentals – Electrorent – Dennis Clark, Craig Burgi, Rojer Bishop
Smart Computer Services – Robert Lowry and Will Lowry
Technology Rentals of America – Dave Veeder
Vernon Computer Source – Anthony C. Randazzo

We had 2 digital cameras provided by Meetings Tomorrow. A video is being put together that includes a brief introduction from many of the people mentioned above.

Many ITRA members are also members of the Tech Army Organization. All ITRA members have worked with

I have to say it is wonderful to have friends all over the world. Also thanks to Chad Frank from Rentsys, who played golf with me at Falcons Fire golf course near the convention.

Still Renting Computers after 21 years

room camera shot, originally uploaded by Xponex.

People always ask me what I do for a living. When I tell them I rent computers, they usually scratch their head and ask why.

“Why would anyone ever want to rent a computer?,” they ask.

One good example is classroom computer training. Renting is far easier and cheaper than owning for off-site training. This is a wonderful environment to train staff from all over the world.

My company installs computers, networks, projectors and even the IP surveillance cameras in rooms like the one in the photo all over the world, but primarily in the US. 

The computers are preloaded with the client company’s software for training. All computers are networked and have the same specification.

This is just one example, there are many other examples of the cost effective and convenience advantages of renting computer and audio visual technology.

Call me crazy, but since 1987, I have non-stop, been renting computers to businesses in the United States, Canada and now Europe.

Visit for more information.

I was almost Ran over by a Tank (Flying Screens)

You turn the corner and a tank is coming right at you. But that’s impossible, you’re at a trade show. How can that be? Answer: Its an amazing flying screen and it gets attention alright.

Colored lights can hipnotize and so are flying screens. Flying screens are suspended objects capable of displaying computer images and ever changing multi-colored lights from a variety of angles, heights and directions.

Flying screens are unique shapes that can be projected upon utilizing projectors and spotlights or they can be as simple as a 42″ Plasma Screen hanging from the ceiling or on a floor stand. Flying Screens appear to be just that, flying in your face.

Almost getting run over by a tank made me think about how important it is to have an active trade show booth. Attention getting images and sounds are your company’s image.

Next time run over compeition with a Flying Screen Tank.

Technology Rental Interview with Raj Jain of ICC Enterprises

ICC Enterprises is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Raj Jain is the Chief Executive Officer of a company that has been in the business to business technology rental industry since 1984. Raj thinks the the B-to-B computer technology rental is going to $1B in 5 years.

ICC & Rentacomputer have been partnering in rentals and service for over a decade. and ICC Enterprises are both members of the International Technology Rental Association and the Tech Army Organization.

How Much for a Computer Rental? (Updated)

An even more updated post can be found here:

6 Factors that determine the Computer Rental Price

Computer Rental Pricing Information

Q: How much does it cost to rent a computer?
A: It depends on quantity, time, space, spec and supply.

Computer rental prices vary based on quantity, how long you need the equipment, where the equipment will be located, product specification and availability. The term ‘computer’ includes desktop, laptop, and mobile devices such as tablets and iPads.

Click here for a Computer Rental Quote

Generally there is a lower price per computer rental unit on orders of 10 units or more. Additionally, rates break even lower with quantities over 100.

Length of Time – Daily, Weekly and Monthly Rates

Computer rental rates are based on daily, weekly and monthly rates. Industry professionals called ‘Tech Travel Agents‘ report that typical computer rental rates start at $79 per week* in most markets in the United States and Canada.

*Note: Based on 10 or more units and prices can vary 10% to 25%. Monthly rental rates averaged $129, but vary greatly based upon specification, availability and delivery location. (Source: 2012 Tech Army Supplier Data from over 100 independent suppliers)

Delivery Location
Office Building or Convention Center

Convention center deliveries are generally more expensive than delivering to a business address. Often business addresses have close-in parking and easy access to the delivery / installation room. A convention center complex requires a concerted effort from both the rental company and the company receiving the equipment at the convention center. Often convention center deliveries are more time consuming and costly to deliver, install and pickup at the end of the rental.


Typically a computer rental consists of an Intel Computer running the latest version of Windows. Higher computer specifications cost more to rent. For example: if you require advanced graphic cards, more ram, a different operating system or software installed, computer rental rates will increase.

Also Apple Macintosh Computers typically rent for more than Microsoft Windows-based computers. Click here for Apple Mac rental info.

Availability (Supply)

Rental Equipment is a Commodity – Supply and demand issues come into play in the computer rental business too. Supply can be affected by the number of suppliers and total computer rental units (known as a rental pool) in a given market area.

Having a Tech Travel Agent book your technology rental needs means you will always get the equipment you need. You are not dependent on one single equipment vendor. Tech Travel Agents obtain equipment via large technology pools from multiple sources across the US, Canada and Europe.

About Tech Travel Agents: Tech Travel Agents from coordinate both computer rentals and audio visual installations for corporate events worldwide. For the best pricing, reserve your computer equipment for your next corporate event or project early by contacting a Tech Travel Agent at 800-736-8772 or via email: