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The 13th Man Creed

Me at the 12th Hole on Friday at the 2012 Rider Cup.

I am the 13th Man.

I support, with pride, my Ryder Cup team.
I value sportsmanship over partisanship.
I do not cheer failure.
At the Ryder Cup, putts are holed, arms go up, dreams are claimed.
Men become legends.
And we, the witnesses,
take home memories we’ll share forever.
I’ll be watching. I’ll be cheering.

I am the 13th Man.

No one followed the Thirteenth Man Creed. Ha

Ryder Cup Etiquette

First of all you need to know a little about the Ryder Cup. This is a different kind of golf tournament. It’s a team sport, the United States vs Europe, its match play instead of the usual stroke play and it’s not an individual match until the last day. The Ryder Cup takes on a special meaning with tradition of sportsmanship, honesty and integrity since 1927. Originally played between the UK and the US, its currently US vs Europe.

On days one and two, in the morning (home captain Davis Love III decided) 8 foursome matches will be played. A foursome requires each team player to take alternate shots throughout the match.

Then in the afternoon 8 fourball matches will be played. Fourball allows players to play the better ball.

On the third day, there will be 12 singles matches. With a total of 28 points available, 14½ points are required to win the Cup, and 14 points are required for the defending champion to retain the Cup. All matches are played to a maximum of 18 holes.

The Ryder Cup is truely a special event. That’s why it the Captains of this years event found it important to make this statement:

While partisanship is natural, it is important to remember that the Ryder Cup is intended to be a friendly competition between the best golfers on two continents. The sportsmanship of the spectators plays a vital role in the continuing spirit and success of the Ryder Cup.

In order to preserve this grand tradition, we hope that there will be no excessive partisanship displayed by the gallery. while all good shot making should be applauded, the prospective misfortunes of an opposing player should not be celebrated — nor should comments of any kind be made while a player prepares to hit his shot.

Golf unites the world. The Ryder Cup is one of the many important events that helps unite the US and Europe. I applaud the captains of the 2012 Ryder Cup Teams! Good Luck to all.

International Technology Rental Association Conference

ITRA 016, originally uploaded by John Beagle.

More than 50 people from the United States, Canada and the UK attended this years ITRA conference in Orlando, Florida this year.

The event’s keynote speaker was Corbin Ball, an international technology advisor with 20 years experience running meetings. Corbin asks, “What’s happening with technology and how will it directly affect me? ”

Photo: Corbin Ball, Keynote Speaker

The answer took us down a high tech path of wikis, web 2.0, microblogging, radio frequency ID tags, virtural meetings, conference and trade shows.

Corbin’s talk left most attendees overwhelmed with new ideas and information.

The board put together an excellent conference. ITRA Board

ITRA Board Members are in the photo (Left to Right): Wayne Springer, John Carnahan, Dan Kallen, Steve Shatsoff, Dave Veeder, Tom Hornyak, and Dennis Pugh.

Also vendors from HP, Samsung and others were at the trade show displaying the latest Tablet PCs, high tech printers and Video Walls.

Some of the people in attendance included:

Abcom Computer Rentals – Sonny Goyal
ABS Computer Rentals – Erik and Erika Wainiopaa
AC Technology, Inc. – Kathy Schultz
Atiwa Computing, Inc. – Wayne and DeDe Springer
Atlantix Global Systems – Tanya Adams and Sean Hutcheson
BMS Computer Rentals – Jerry and Chris Thompson
Computer Rentals, Etc. – Cuyler Tremayne, Rhonda Simien, Milko Figueroa
Computer Rental Systems – John Carnahan
Desktop Visual Products, Inc. – Rick Frandsen
DE Systems Ltd. – Dave Dugas
Hartford Computer Rental Co. – Dan Kallen
Hire Intelligence International Ltd. – Chris Hutber
Mac Rentals – Larry Langbort
MCR Integrated Technologies – Steve and Dena Mangum
MCR Rental Solutions – Dennis Pugh and Jack Brown
Meeting Tomorrow Audio Visual – Bill Powers
Computer Rent – Dave Wood
Micro Rental Service – Tom and Carol Hornyak
MicroStar – Doug Turner
PC Consultants of SW Michigan – Dick and Juanita Kohfeldt – John and Susan Beagle, Darcy and John Mann
Rentfusion – Amit Parekh, Rhonwyn Godwin, Radha Singh
SmartSource – Steve Shatsoff, Julian Sandler, Niraj Jain, Robert and Jennifer Kastner
Rentsys – Laura Polasek and Chad Frank
Rush Computer Rentals – Electrorent – Dennis Clark, Craig Burgi, Rojer Bishop
Smart Computer Services – Robert Lowry and Will Lowry
Technology Rentals of America – Dave Veeder
Vernon Computer Source – Anthony C. Randazzo

We had 2 digital cameras provided by Meetings Tomorrow. A video is being put together that includes a brief introduction from many of the people mentioned above.

Many ITRA members are also members of the Tech Army Organization. All ITRA members have worked with

I have to say it is wonderful to have friends all over the world. Also thanks to Chad Frank from Rentsys, who played golf with me at Falcons Fire golf course near the convention.