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Opening Up for the Buckeyes: The TBDBITL

The Ohio State Marching Band is called TBDBITL for a reason. Because they are the best damn band in the land. Yesterday I went to the opening of the Buckeye football season. The band is all-brass and percussion, unique among all larger universities.

The band was originally formed to provide music for the cadets to march to. Ohio State had a large military school component.

Competition is Strong
Today, the band consists of 225 instrumentalists. 192 of these create the block band that is seen at every home game. The other 33 members are called alternates. These are members of the band who challenge the regular members every week for a spot in the 192-piece block. So every home game is a chance for the alternates to on the field. This ensures that only the best in the land get to play.

One more reason why, The Ohio State Marching Band the Best Damn Band in the Land. Night at the Red Onion

John Beagle Guest Bartender, originally uploaded by John Beagle.

In 1998 I got this crazy idea to make a website about my little town, Monroe, Ohio. I came up with the name because there indeed was a Main Street in Monroe.

Now 11 years later, Main Street Monroe and The Voice have 1000s of unique visitors every day. It is the best place to pickup the latest news and opinions about Monroe life.

The Red Onion Restaurant is owned and operated by Mark Bursley and Gary Henz. I would rate the food 5 stars. Chef Henz was formerly the chef at the Maisonette so now this place is called by some, “The Maisonette of Monroe.”

It was great to see so many Voice posters. Supper was JD Steak or Meatloaf. That’s what the Voice posters voted on . The meatloaf could feed a family of 4. 

I donated my tips to Light up the Sky for the Fourth of July I made $300.00, not bad.

Thanks Mark, Gary, Jill for letting me be the guest bartender!